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We put your visions into practice

Good design is when it not only works, but also delights people - consciously or unconsciously.


Our focus is on designing consumer products, especially household appliances. We have designed well-known products for companies such as Solis, Stadler Form, SIGG, Betty Bossi, Zyliss and Emerio. Almost every Swiss household has a product from us, from drinking bottles to raclette ovens to waste bins.

In addition to consumer goods, we have acquired a wide range of skills over the years:

Product Design (such as household appliances, sporting goods and accessories)
Medical Design (such as medical devices and laboratory equipment)
Industrial Design (such as machinery, measuring instruments, and remote control systems)
Furniture Design (such as occasional furniture, chairs, shelves, and lighting)

Whatever your goals, we are able to draw from our extensive experience, and are happy and well prepared to explore new ground.


Many of our products have won international design awards and have been included in collections and exhibitions.



In 1985 Kurt Zimmerli founded his own studio for product design, Zimmerli Design. Before that, he worked as a product designer at SIGG in Frauenfeld from 1971. He designed and engineered products in the fields of household, furniture, medicine, eletronics, mechanical engineering and sports. His best-known product, the SIGG Bottle, was included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). His son Fabian graduated as an industrial designer in 2003 and joined Zimmerli Design. In 2014, he took over the company and continues to run it successfully in the second generation.


Only a thorough understanding of the uses and usage of an object will yield a product that is satisfying in the long term to the customer. The following procedure has proven successfull:

Target Planning (market research, product analysis)
Concepts (problem analysis, design concepts)
Drafts (ergonomics, details, mock-ups, technology)
Engineering (CAD, drawing layouts, attendance prototyping)
Realisation (design support for manufacturing)

We develop products based on a partnership with the customer and we have a lot of valuable connections.


We use our possibilities to the biggest benefit of the client. In our work shop we can try out new ideas and designs through mock-ups and models in a timely fashion. On the other hand we utilise the newest computer tools.

Desk (sketching ideas and concepts)
Computer (CAD FormZ, renderings Keyshot, graphics Affinity)
Work Shop (mockups / prototypes / design models)

We have our own 3D printer which allows us to quickly produce mockups for ergonomics and functional testing.

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